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Our Mission


Setelia Digital Creates, Developes, Tests, Mantains, and Audits digital solutions for other companies.

Setelia Digital intervenes in a turnkey way, in-shore or off-shore, also it offers technical assistance services.

Setelia Digital is partner with Google, Oracle, and Tableau Software to connect  Digital to the World

of system- information.


Our Services

Setelia Digital - One  stop shopping digital expertise  


  •  Native Mobile apps: iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Websites for desktop and mobile responsive
  • Integration and deployment of Oracle SAP Tableau Google
  • Cloud Storage
  • Testing apps: Validation, Performance, UX / UI
  • Maintenance applicable and scalable
  • Intervention Model: On-Shore Off-Shore service centers
  • Technical Asistance  and Advice

Our Clients


Website and Mobile development :


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IT Integration :

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Testing :

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Partners :

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Our Offices



Louis Marie GUILLAUME 

Address :   2 Volney street, 75002 Paris,  France     
Phone :   +33 (0)1 55 43 26 00                        
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Laurent BYE

Address: SilverSquare, Avenue Louise, 523,


1050 Brussels – Belgium


Phone : +32 470 203 801


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