Paris, France – Feb. 6, 2024 – Leading device testing supplier Setelia today announced its collaboration with the two telecom software companies Amarisoft and ng-voice to build a carrier grade 4G and 5G testbed. This testbed can support lots of test approaches as specific features study or worldwide device sanity check at a very limited budget.

The AMARI Callbox Series is designed to operate in accordance with 3GPP standards as both an eNB/gNB and EPC/5GC to test 5G, RedCap, LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT devices for functional and performance testing. Powered by a deployment quality software suite, the AMARI Callbox is available in five different versions: Mini, Classic, Advanced, Ultimate, and Extreme.

ng-voice product is a fully containerized and cloud-native IMS. It is the first 100% containerized and Kubernetes-based full feature IMS solution for VoLTE/ VoNR with under 25MB of container image size. With its IMS, Ng-voice brings to the testbed all the supplementary services in 4G and in 5G which are strategic services to be tested.

IMS from ng-voice is now integrated with AMARI Callbox Series in Setelia Lab. On top of these two modules, Setelia has developed a web user interface in order to load on the testbed one of the thousands Mobile Network configurations available in Setelia database. This database covers more than 1 000 network user services configurations all around the world and also some specific features like 380 alternate services, VoNR, CMAS/PWS, CNAP, slicing, emergency call, EVS WB, EVS SWB etc. in addition to core and service parameters,  eNodeB/gNodeB configurations can be  retrieved from live network and configured in the AMARI Callbox eNB/gNB on demand.

Olivier Wormser, Technical Director at Setelia, noted “Device testing strategy is most of the time a balance between risk management and cost management. At Setelia, as a worldwide Device Test House for the last 20 years, we believe the End user experience should be the main driver. The objective from day one is to build an affordable end to end 4G/5G testbed. This partnership has started with Amarisoft in 2020. Now with ng-voice on board combined with our UI and our huge database of network configurations, we have a really powerful solution at a very competitive price.”

Within the realm of 4G and, notably, 5G, the complexity of parameters in both radio access and core networks poses a substantial challenge, resulting in diverse deployment options for operators. Chipset and device manufacturers are tasked with ensuring comprehensive test coverage across global networks. Marouan Benabdellah-Chaouni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Amarisoft, underscores “the synergy among the AMARI Callbox Series, providing flexibility and carrier-grade 4G-5G network capabilities, ng-voice IMS, a carrier-grade software, and Setelia’s network parameter rollouts. This cohesive approach offers customers a distinctive opportunity to test products against various configurations, effectively broadening test coverage.« 

Pieter Knikkink, VP Partnerships & Alliances at ng-voice, highlighted “At ng-voice we strongly believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. The partnership with Setelia and Amarisoft delivers on both of these points, creating an adaptable end-to-end 4G and 5G test facility offering a rich set of test scenarios that provide customers a cost-effective and easy to use option for device testing.


About Setelia

Setelia is a Group specialized in Telecom and Digital. With a global presence, Setelia can offer you a range of extremely effective, ground-breaking solutions. From strategy to roll-out and ongoing project support, our highly-efficient, customer-led approach and mastery of cutting-edge technology delivers outstanding quality of service, time after time. One of the core business from the beginning is to be a Device Test House. Since 2006, Setelia is a GCF RTO. Setelia is supporting all the main ODM, OEM, chipset makers, MNOs, Regulation authorities in their device test strategies. Setelia provides Service like strategy implementation, automation, execution, investigations, development, deployment, etc. And Setelia provides also solutions like Test tools, AI set up, Network solutions, etc. For more information please visit or contact


About Amarisoft

Building on its vRAN leadership, Amarisoft offers a comprehensive suite of 4G and 5G technologies, encompassing the entire spectrum from core network solutions to UE simulators and Software-Defined Radios (SDRs). This end-to-end approach reflects our commitment to providing versatile and robust solutions that cater to diverse industry needs.

Amarisoft is uniquely positioned to serve two key markets. Firstly, in the realm of test and measurement, its solutions play a pivotal role in device and network testing, ensuring the reliability and performance of telecommunications infrastructure. Secondly, in the domain of public and private network deployment, Amarisoft delivers technology to partners, enabling them to establish and optimize networks that meet the demands of both existing and emerging connectivity requirements.

Amarisoft dedication to technological excellence, coupled with a focus on adaptability, positions the company as a trusted partner for industries navigating the complexities of wireless communication. Whether it’s facilitating rigorous testing processes or allowing the deployment of robust networks, Amarisoft continues to be a driving force in advancing the capabilities of 4G and 5G technologies. For more information, please visit or contact


About Ng-voice

ng-voice GmbH – hyperscaling-voice. ng-voice is committed to building the next generation of 100% software-based mobile networks, combining DevOps with telecommunications expertise. ng-voice’s fully containerized and cloud-native IMS has cloud DNA, is infrastructure agnostic, automated, AI-driven and offers a predictable TCO for mobile networks of any size. For more information please visit or contact