Among its CSR initiatives, SETELIA has been a member of the NQT association since 2019 which allows all our employees to become a mentor to a young person looking for a job or a work-study contract.

about NQT

  • NQT is known to be a social association of general interests that offers a voluntary initiative to help young people start their careers.
  • NQT is engaged in providing equal opportunities to access employment.
  • The association connects any interested person with young graduates of higher education, aged 30 years maximum.


For more information : https://nqt.fr/


Setelia and NQT

At Setelia, we understand the importance and difficulty of finding a job as a young graduate. For this reason, we motivate our employees to become mentors.

Each year, our challenge is to help young people in their respective approaches. Since our commitment, we have successfully supported 9 young people (see breakdown on the graph). In 2023, we are going to raise awareness among all our employees by setting a target of 7 mentors.

What is the role of a mentor?


  • To provide advice on the definition of a professional project;
  • To guide in a job search;
  • To share knowledge to improve the CV and the cover letter;
  • To help prepare for job interviews.